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We are in Lockdown stage 3 and have been able to continue manufacturing as before.  Our employees have been split into two teams to enable us to limit exposure to Covid_19 and to be able to continue to manufacture and supply, if not all, at least most of our products.  We have taken stringent sanitizing measures to ensure that we stay a Healthy Team.  Our mission is to be able to supply our many, many customers both here in South Africa and other parts of the world. 

Nature’s pharmacy is abundant.  Many herbs are rich in compounds which have a beneficial effect on certain tissues and organs and therefore can be used as treatments to assist combating disease or ailments.  Herbal treatments can help nourish your immune system, stimulate the regeneration of damaged liver tissue, build strength of the adrenal glands, counter the adverse side effects of chemotherapy, balance the endocrine system, stimulate milk production and improve night vision amongst man other benefits too numerous to mention.

In short Herbs have the power to detoxify,
boost the immune system,
restore balance in the body and
have a tonic effect on the body by improving its functionality as a whole or a specific organ.

Phyto-Force Herbal products is a range of Western Herbal Medicines produced from the finest quality raw materials,   We go to many lengths to source our Herbs and medicinal plants from country of origin from all over the world to bring you optimal healing.  We only source medicinal plants that have not been grown with fertilizers, or treated with pesticides and herbicides but grown as close to organically, if possible or naturally in the wild.

We produce herbals in the form of Tinctures, which are the optimal way to take herbal medicine, herbal teas,  herbal capsules, creams, soaps and Aromatherapy Essential oils.

We welcome you to take a look through our range of products and to find what you are looking for by looking through our Ailments Guide. You are able to purchase from our online store or visit our many stockists, which are listed on this website.

We wish you Good Health through this challenging time.

For any further information, you may contact myself Deborah Tyldesley on 082 4465860 or Louise Perry on 082 4551499 during office hours.

We specialise in producing the finest quality tinctures and herbal extracts to treat whatever ails you – naturally.

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