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About Phyto-Force

At Phyto-Force Herbal Laboratories we specialise in producing the finest quality herbal extracts and remedies to treat what ails you. Phyto-Force has been the trusted manufacturer of Herbal tinctures for practitioners and the public for over 25 years. Our name is as natural as our products and comes from the Greek word phyto which means ‘plant’. We know nature and trust in its abilities, you should too.

All of our medicinal plants are sourced from their country of origin through reputable suppliers. No herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers or colourants are used to ensure our remedies remain the way nature intended them.

Why go natural?

Nature, in its wisdom, has ensured that when the whole plant is utilized in a remedy, it not only contains the properties that heal, but also the ability to counteract any side effects. This is why natural medicine is seen to be much safer than conventional medicines.

All Phyto-Force and Herbal Blend remedies are produced according to the high standards set by the British Pharmacopoeia and the Phytotherapeutic Materia Medica.



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