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Phyto-Cleanse Detox Tea 100g

Phyto-Cleanse Detox Tea 100g

8 customer reviews
4.13 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings


Cleans your digestive tract, detoxes the liver, gall bladder, kidneys & lymphatic system. Also used as a slimming aid

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8 reviews for Phyto-Cleanse Detox Tea 100g

  1. Kudzai

    Purchased this at my local health store at La Lucia mall. Although it can be quite strong due to its laxative effect, I felt it may have helped flush out not only toxins but also parasites. I was quite impressed. It also tastes good, peppermint flavour – no need to add honey as suggested. Just wish they would mention on the box how long one must take the tea for- 3 nights, a week, a month? Also would prefer it in tea bags.

  2. Lorraine nzimande

    I have bought my tea in a health shop in Pmburg when I was looking for something to detox and they suggested this tea. It is working well so far but I have noticed on and off period each time I used it.
    Is it that normal? Or i have to see my doctor?

  3. valda jeftha

    Absoluty perfect..had a peoblem with weight loss..used this now for 4months and whola..lost 4kg..and im feeling damn good

  4. Belinda

    Absolutely effective and fantastic product, with a great taste as well.

  5. Nadine

    Very good product

  6. Nadine

    A very good tea

  7. Carla De Sa

    Having IBS and trying all sort of medicine to help me with the bloatiness. This Tea as done miracles, even my Docs are amazed.

  8. Terry Shuttleworth

    Very good detox tea but I also had the same experience as Lorraine Nzimande with starting a period after taking for a few days when my period had been late. Does someone have an answer for this?

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