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Ashwagandha 50ml

Ashwagandha 50ml


Ashwagandha is used to reduce anxiety, bolster the immune system, enhance the body’s ability to cope with stress and generally to enhance mental acuity, reaction time and physical performance.  Improves sexual function and has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects.


Herb used: Withania Somnifera
Commonly known as: Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng.
Main Attributes: Adaptogen, Calmative, Anti-oxidant, Immune stimulate, Anti inflammatory, Nootropic.
About the herb: A powerful, well respected ayravedic herb and possibly the most well known and researched adaptogenic herb in modern time. Phyto-Force presents this product in traditional tincture form for fast acting absorbtion giving convenient use of its multiple applications.


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