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Acid Free 100ml

Acid Free 100ml

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Acid Free for acidic conditions of the body including painful joints and arthritis.

Available in 100ml bottle in drop form (tincture). Contains the herbs Nettle, Boswellia, Devils Claw, Indian Celery seed, Bearberry, Birch, Alfalfa and Meadowsweet to effectively assist with acidic conditions, painful and inflamed joints. Gout, Arthritis. These herbs also assist with the healing of wounds, abscesses, ulcers, chronic sinus infections, all of which are signs of a highly acidic body. All the contents of this formulation have been used for centuries in traditional folk medicines for the treatment of all acidic conditions.

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1 review for Acid Free 100ml

  1. Chrystal

    All the Phyto-Force products are top quality, but Acid Free is a life changer. I have recommended it to people as young as 25 and they all end up converted. Thank you _ this is better cover than any medical aid!

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