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Take Care Of Your Health This Holiday

Take Care Of Your Health This Holiday

Holidays are a wonderful time to relax, spend quality time with family and if you’re lucky enough – travel! We look at holidays with fondness and joy – but did you know that there are certain health concerns which we should always be aware of, especially this time of year?

Wash your hands often

Although we should always wash our hands often, regardless of whether we’re on holiday or not, we urge all our readers that are travelling this holiday season to remember to wash their hands. Washing your hands with soap kills germs that can have adverse effects on the body. A handy tip for travel, always keep a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer in your luggage, in case you are in an area with no hand-washing facilities.

Manage stress

For many, the December holidays can be a stressful time. Food needs to be prepared, presents need to be bought and wrapped, the family is down, everything is just constantly on-the-go. In this type of environment, it is easy for stress to get the better of you. It is important to do your best to monitor your stress and know when you need to take a step back to relax to enjoy this time with family. To help manage stress and anxiety levels this year, try our Stress Control 50ml tincture.

Look out for your liver

Christmas, holidays, festivities and parties are all synonymous, for some, with alcohol and great food. If you enjoy to kicking-back and enjoying a good beer or gin during a scrumptious holiday dinner it is important to safeguard your liver. Phyto-Force Milk Thistle herbal tincture or Milk Thistle capsules can give your liver the boost it needs this festive season! If you don’t like the tincture form, it is also available in capsule and tea form. It is the optimal dosage and is vegan!

Don’t forget to stay active

It is easy to get stuck in a rut of good food, no work responsibilities and no exercise over the holidays, but it is extremely important to remember to keep active. Even just a little bit of light exercise will do, to keep your cardiovascular health in check until you get back into your regular exercise routine.

Spike in chronic illness

Over the holidays, a spike in certain chronic illnesses can be observed, more often than not as a result of everything we have discussed such as poor diet and alcohol along with an inactive lifestyle during the holiday period. A spike in your chronic illness can also lend itself to increased stress and anxiety over this time.

As you can see, all aspects of your health during the year-end holidays are connected. One concern has a domino effect and can lead to more concerns. Certain habits and behaviour can increase your chances of the onset of stress and pre-existing conditions. So just be mindful this festive season, to keep your health in tip-top form.

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