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Winter is coming, boost your immune system

Winter is coming, boost your immune system

Right now, before our winter sets in, we should be arming our immune system to fight all infection, especially in view of the fact that we are dealing with an unknown pandemic.  What we do know is that the more we increase the strength of our immune by eating fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, getting out into the sunshine and doing some exercise like walking.  We should also be keeping ourselves free of infectious bacteria and viruses by washing our hands very well, regularly and using hand sanitizers. Nature has provided us with wonderful plants to help us prevent and fight viral and bacterial infections such as colds, flu and coughs.

Phyto-Force Echinacea 50ml and 100ml is manufactured with Fresh Pressed Juice.  It has the ability to stimulate the response to viral infections by raising white blood cell count and increasing the body’s inherent powers of resistance.  It also has the power to stimulate killer cells that resist foreign bacteria.

Phyto-Force Olive Leaf 50ml and 100ml  helps to fight all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.  Helps to stave off colds and flu and has shown potential for lowering high blood pressure.  It is good for virtually any infection disease as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, diarrheal diseases, inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis.

Phyto-Force Elderberry 50ml Tincture and Elderflowers 50ml Tincture helps to combat free radicals and inflammation.  It enhances the immune system function, increases perspiration, lowers fever and soothes the respiratory tract. It is effect against flu viruses and also relieves coughs and congestion.  A wonderful herbal to help relieve colds and flu. It can be taken together with Echinacea.

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