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August is Women’s Month

August is Women’s Month

Celebrate Women’s Month

Let’s take time this Women’s Month to celebrate all the wonderful ladies in our lives, and also explore plant medicine options for ailments commonly experienced by women.

The Good, the Great and the Beautiful

Women of all cultures have a few things in common. They are nurturing, they are strong and perceptive, they have great emotional depth – and they are also often greatly underestimated. Unfortunately, our wonderful women also have a few things that are not that pleasant in common… like cellulite, PMS and menopause. Many of us are are also prone to anxiety and have a constant battle with losing weight. Luckily there are plant medicines to combat all these challenges. Here are some common feminine ailments and some of our favourite remedies:


Cellulite is caused by microscopic changes within the skin because of toxins, hormonal changes, poor circulation, and such a range other factors, it just about makes your head spin! Although there is no real cure for cellulite, ladies could see great improvement with Lymph-Logic, Fennel or Birch.


A few days before her menstrual cycle a woman may experience mood swings, cramps headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms brought on by hormonal changes. Although every woman is different when it comes to PMS, all women will agree that it’s a dreaded time every month. Ladies, find some relief with Lady’s Logic, Chaste Berry or Oats.


The hot flushes, weight gain and changes in overall mood can really get women going through menopause down. Tackle the hormonal imbalances associated with this time with Lady’s Logic, Wild Yam or Sutherlandia Tea – an adaptogenic tonic that also supports those with rheumatism and immune disorders.


Environmental factors like relationship and job stress, genetics and medical factors can cause anxiety. Not to mention the daily pressures and responsibilities involved with being an employee or employer, mother or wife. Passion Flower helps with anxiety, and also insomnia. Karma-Logic is formulated to treat anxiety as well as depression, stress and – even ADHD. You could also try Lemon balm, which has a calming effect.

Weight loss

Every woman is beautiful, no matter what her size or shape is, and losing weight should not become an obsession. We should rather strive to adopt a healthy lifestyle – losing weight is usually a side-effect of this anyway! Using Lymph-Logic or Garcinia Cambogia will help your efforts. You could also drink some Matè Tea or Green Tea – it’s refreshing and has a range of benefits other than weight loss.

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