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Stress Control 50ml

Stress Control 50ml

1 customer review
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This double strength forumla comprises of energising adaptogens to neutralise fatigue and enhance mental and physical performance. Improves adrenal gland health to equip the body to manage stress more effectively. Contains the herbs of Rhodiola Rosea, Ashwagandha, Korean Ginseng, Astragulus, Gotu Kola, Liquorice root, Schisandra and Siberian Ginseng. Those who suffer from High Blood Pressure should take Stress Control for limited periods at a time due to the action that Liquorice root increases blood pressure.

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1 review for Stress Control 50ml

  1. Lydia

    I have always suffered from anxiety attacks through the years and I must say this product really works. It has helped me keep my anxiety under control when the going gets tough. Thank you.

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