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Clear Skin Herbal Blend 50ml

Clear Skin Herbal Blend 50ml

1 customer review
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This double strength formula contains the herbs Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Echinacea, Guava, Horsetail, all of which assist in the improvement of skin conditions. A powerful blood and liver cleanser which will aid in tissue cleansing and repair, regulates hormonal imbalances and reduces acne in both males and females, also can be used to treat STD (sexually transmitted disease.

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1 review for Clear Skin Herbal Blend 50ml

  1. Rajan Padiachi (verified owner)

    I am a Homeopath and Herbalist , i tried many natural treatments for my teenage daughter but with no success, BUT when i discovered SKIN CLEAR via the Phyto Force website , i purchased two bottles very reasonably priced i may say, i can without a doubt confirm that the tincture works beautifully , like a miracle. , i wish i could have show photos here of before and after. Today i order two more bottle and the Soap and Cream for face . Thanks Phyto

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