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Chamomile Tea 100g

Chamomile Tea 100g

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German Chamomile dried flowers packed in a zip-lock bag to seal in freshness and keep out moisture. A bitter, aromatic, sedative herb that relaxes spasms, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and promotes healing. It benefits the digestion and stimulates the immune system. It is drunk as a tea for nausea, insomnia, colic, muscular pain, nervous disorders, stress related flatulent dyspepsia, brightens dull hair when used as a rinse and is soothing for mucosal inflammation of the mouth.

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1 review for Chamomile Tea 100g

  1. Mukoko

    Hi dear madam /sir,
    I would like to buy Chamomille for baby but still I don’t know how to find your shop here in cape town as I’m not able to buy online.

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