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Natural Remedies for Road Trips

Natural Remedies for Road Trips

The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List (Including Natural Remedies)

Road tripping can be so much fun, especially if you use natural remedies to keep everyone happy and healthy! With school holidays coming up many of us will be taking road trips – why fly when you can take the wheel, be in complete control and explore our beautiful country at your own pace? It’s also a perfect way to bond with the family and make some awesome memories along the way.

And away we go!

So pack some ‘padkos’ (food for the road), put on some golden oldies everyone can sing along to and hit the road! But don’t forget to pack a few essentials that will help make your trip go smoothly and deal with all the little hitches that may come your way on your holiday.

Some natural remedies – just in case

Nothing quite spoils a road trip like somebody feeling unwell. If anybody is prone to being car sick, pack a natural remedy like Kudzu, which helps with nausea and eases muscular tension. Peppermint Oil is also excellent for queasiness, and it helps with headaches. To keep everyone calm, pack some Stress Control and in case energy levels are low after a tiring road trip or other activities, have some Energi-Logic on hand.

Crank up the Music

A playlist with catchy songs everybody can sing along to will keep you awake and entertained. A separate playlist with mellower songs to calm the kids – just make sure it’s not too mellow and the driver falls asleep!


Keep the kids occupied during long trips with games. Don’t limit your options to handheld electronic games… remember ‘I spy with my little eye’? Hundreds of families have had endless fun with this old favourite!

Pack some snacks

It’s not only cheaper to bring snacks from home than buying them at the filling station; it will also help you to stick to healthy snacks like trail mix, fruit and nuts, date balls, popcorn, mushroom biltong, veggie crisps, health muffins and falafel balls. Drink water, or a mix of water and 100% fruit and veggie juice. For early morning trips, warm up with a flask of herbal tea. Get some Peppermint Tea for your flask. It’s an excellent digestive and eases nausea. For the little ones, Chamomile Tea is calming and refreshing.


Investing in a GPS is a great idea. You could also use your phone, but just be aware that you may not always have service. Or, take a step away from technology and get a map book for a retro road trip.


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