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Why Yoga is Not a Retro Fitness Fad Doomed to Fade

Why Yoga is Not a Retro Fitness Fad Doomed to Fade

Remember the aerobics fad of the 1980s?  Legwarmers and sweatbands even became a fashion statement! Then came boot camps, spinning, Taebo and of course Zumba – the perfect way to shake your booty and get fit at the same time. These days it’s Crossfit and juicing. Effective or not, workout fads come and go. Except for one particular trend that’s been around for over 5,000 years: yoga. Why does yoga have such staying power? Because it’s good for you!

Lasting Goodness, Body and Mind
Besides giving you a full-body workout, increasing flexibility and leaving you in a great mood, yoga also has a list of surprising major health benefits, for example:

Asthma Ease: In a study by the US National Library of Medicine* it was found that yoga can dramatically ease the symptoms of asthma through its breathing practice, an essential part of yoga known as Pranayama. For additional help with asthma see the range of Phyto-Force products here.

Memory boost: Because yoga reduces both physical tension and mental stress, it becomes easier to recall and organise thoughts. When we are calm and at ease it becomes easier to use our mental faculties.

Heart health: Research** shows that including an eight-week yoga program in the treatment of patients with heart failure improves heart health and increases exercise capacity. Regular yoga also lowers the risk of heart disease and helps reduce arterial plaque.

Emotional boost: Although all exercise helps people with depression, yoga takes emotional health to the next level. Long-term practitioners have shown increased mass in the areas of the brain associated with contentment. Practice yoga in conjunction with using Phyto-Force products for depression, find them here.

Detox: Yoga detoxes the system, works on the thyroid gland and improves metabolism. Believe it or not, but it’s an excellent way of getting over a hangover fast.


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