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Travel More, Stress Less

Travel More, Stress Less

It is often said that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, and there is no doubt that travelling brings with it an unmatched peace of mind. Unfortunately, there are a few factors that have the ability to make what was meant to be an exciting experience, an extremely stressful one. Fortunately, we have seven stress-free travel tips for the healthy nomad in you.

Use Alternate Airports

You will find that many major destinations will be served by more than one airport, and flying into a less popular one could very easily result in cheaper tickets. What’s more, quieter airports will have shorter security and check-in lines as well as less time spent at the baggage carousel.

Compare Travel Sites

Due to the fact that exchange rates are forever changing, it is important to explore as many different options as you possibly can when it comes to travel sites, as there could be some competitive prices up for grabs.

Don’t Be Fooled By All-Inclusive

In some cases, booking a breakfast-only package and buying your lunches and dinners a la carte can prove better than a full three-meals-a-day package. Meal plans are often marked up quite a bit and are generally predictable. Not to mention, full packages could very well leave little excuse to go out and explore local cuisine.

Use Public Transport

Taxis can prove to be exceptionally pricey in the city, so be sure to make use of public transport when possible. Moreover, some modes of public transport will not only be cheaper but will take less time, therefore giving you more time to get involved in some exciting activities.

Rent A Car

It is never a bad idea to rent a car and embark on your very own adventure in an unknown place. With a plethora of expansive, beautiful destinations waiting to be explored, a set of wheels is essential. Hiring a car can make off-road, surfing and other not-to-be-missed attractions accessible on your timeline, allowing you to take as much gear as you may need.

Eat Smart and Never Stop Exploring

Try to look for ways to pare down orders in the pricier restaurants and avoid having to ask whether you are out of money yet, which is usually the case towards the end of a trip. Another great tip is to cover more ground and spread your chosen refreshment venue out. Perhaps get a dessert at a café or a gelato stand so that you can see more of the city.

Hit The Market

Consider a local newspaper and the context it gives to a foreign country – this is exactly what happens when you visit a market. What’s more, it is a great place to pick up some souvenirs, local spices, oils or sauces which stand as one of the best ideas for gifts – and they cost a lot less!
If all of the above tips don’t help with lower stress levels during your travels, you could always carry a 50ml bottle of Karma-Logic wherever you go.

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