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Supercharge Your Soup

Supercharge Your Soup

Ever wondered if there is any validity behind feeding a sniffling family member some soup? Chicken soup really does help and there is a whole bunch of reasons why. It is important to understand that when you are sick your immune system takes a knock, and needs major support to recover, this is why we take medicine. Chicken soup also comes to the rescue and can offer support to a desperate immune system – it’s also the tastier option.

That steamy bowl of soup has proven to help reduce nasal congestion and have mild anti-inflammatory properties. Depending on which ingredients you choose to incorporate into your soup you can also help ease that sore throat. Soup is wonderful to prepare in bulk and freeze if you don’t finish it all at once. It is great for injecting a boost of much needed nutrients into your body.

Customise Your Soup

Here’s some common ingredients, depending on your symptoms and preferences, we encourage you to mix and match for amazing flavour combinations!

Broth – fluids are necessary to keep hydrated when feeling feverish, which sounds about right. Warm liquids can clear nasal passages and help alleviate respiratory symptoms. Chicken is the broth of choice, but any broth will do.

Carrots – not only give your immune system a pick-me-up once you are sick, but they contain wonderful vitamins that help prevent the onset of colds and flu. They are well known for being a great source of vitamin A and fibre.

Celery – loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and enzymes. We wouldn’t recommend leaving this one out, it is amazing for fighting infections and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Onion – including onions in your soup will offer antibacterial benefits, this can help with any bacterial infections that occur following a viral flu. These vegetables are extremely nutrient-dense, offering lots of vitamins and minerals without too many calories, one medium onion is only 44 calories.

Garlic – Yet another nutrient-dense ingredient, garlic with approximately 150 calories per 100 grams. Studies show that garlic has the ability to not only prevent colds but also reduce the duration of symptoms.

Chicken – Protein is so important for supporting a weak immune system, using skin-on chicken and olive oil will also help get some unsaturated fat into your body. This type of fat is helpful in easing inflammation.

Noodles – while carbohydrates aren’t known for ‘fighting’ colds and flu you can include them in your soup to help full you up faster. This is particularly helpful if you aren’t able to keep much else down.

These are some of our favourites that pack a punch, but there are no rules, some other tasty inclusions are turmeric, lemon, kale and ginger. We also offer a wide range of supplements if cooking is not for you. Try our Immuni-Logic or Kudzu, both available in 50ml tinctures.



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