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Summer Skincare 101

Summer Skincare 101

Get Healthy, Glowing With These Summer Skincare Tips

While the crisp air and budding blossoms of Spring bring new beginnings to mind, Summer is more like a long sigh of relief: three months of long, warm days in which we can enjoy the great South African outdoors and all it can offer. Unfortunately, there is a downside to sunny Summer days: it can wreak havoc on your skin!

How to care for your skin this Summer

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank when taking care of your skin in the summer months. Get glowing and clear Summer skin naturally with this guide.

Exfoliate regularly – Use a gentle exfoliator. For a completely natural DIY solution, dilute 2tbs honey with 5 drops of water, a drop of your favourite essential oil, and mix it with very fine sugar. Use it on dry skin and rinse off.

Cleanse – Because skin tends to get more oily in Summer, it may be a good idea to change your cleanser during this season. Ideal for oily skin, or skin prone to pimples or acne, the Phyto-Force Clear Skin Soap is made with coconut and pure olive oil.  

Moisturise – When the weather is warm, use a light moisturiser to help lock in the essential moisture of your skin.

Use an antioxidant – Antioxidants help prevent cell damage to the skin and can even help prevent premature ageing. Olive Leaf is an excellent choice.

Get enough rest – Because Summer days are longer and the weather is better, we tend to be more active. Make sure you get enough rest to maintain healthy skin.

Take a cold shower – Hot showers and steam baths can dehydrate your skin, especially in summer! Take a cold shower instead – it keeps your pores unclogged and refreshes you like nothing else.

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