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Losing that holiday weight

Losing that holiday weight

Indulging over the holidays is normal these days, but going back to reality and trying to fit into your work clothes can leave some feeling a bit discouraged. Here are a few tips on how to slim that stomach.

Eat healthy. You’d be surprised how many easy and delicious recipes are available online. Make sure you get plenty of fibre from your fruits and veggies and eat some kind of protein at each meal.

Get enough sleep. By not getting the required amount of sleep each night you disrupt the sleep hormones (melatonin and prolactin) which will make you gain weight.

Plan your meals. Having a meal plan to follow will keep you on track and stop the want for opting for fast food.

Relax. The stress hormone (cortisol) causes an increase in belly fat by slowing down your metabolism. We have a number of tinctures available to help with any anxiety you may be feeling.

Exercise. Whether it’s a 30 min walk around the neighbourhood or a swim in the pool, any exercise is good.

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