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It Has Been More Than Just Moustache Month

It Has Been More Than Just Moustache Month

Did you notice a new style fad gracing the faces of men this past month? There were moustaches all over the place! It’s great to see that every year brings more moustaches than the previous year, and with it, awareness of male health problems. As November is drawing to a close, let’s explore what this once-a-year fad is all about.

Men Are Facing a Health Crisis – And It’s Not Talked About

The idea started with two Australians who wanted to raise awareness of male health problems. Because men tend to keep their problems and health issues to themselves, it often goes unheard, and undetected – with dire results.

It is estimated that there were more than 161,360 new cases of prostate cancer, and over 8,800 new cases of testicular cancer in 2017. In a study by the British Columbia Medical Journal it was found that men are as much as seven times more likely to commit suicide because of mental illness than women are. So many lives can be saved if only these health issues are detected in the early stages. November is about saving lives by highlighting this, here’s how it’s’ done:

  • Grow Your Mo

Raise funds for the cause – grow a moustache (if you can) and get people to sponsor you. Donate this money to the Movember Foundation. If not, spread the word! Talk about the reasons why so many people are growing moustaches.

  • MOve

If you can’t (or really, really don’t want to) grow a mo, you can join the MOve Movement. It involves making a 30-day pledge to move more. You can get sponsored for this as well, and donate to the cause.

Everyone Can Help Stop Men Dying Too Young

Remember, we are not limited to one single month every year to do something about these problems men are at risk of facing. Talk about it, through awareness we can save lives.

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