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Gut Health During the Festive Season

Gut Health During the Festive Season

Make Your Tummy Smile With Good Gut Health

Our gut health is more important than what many of us realise! It is the very foundation of our health – if your gut is healthy, chances are that your entire body will be healthy. But let’s face it, the holidays are tough on our digestive systems, and we should try to keep gut as healthy as possible, even when facing an avalanche of delicious treats for weeks on end!

Tips for good gut health

No matter where you are, or what you’re doing these holidays, you can take care of your gut health with these tips:

  • Pack healthy snacks

When you are on the go, don’t forget to pack some healthy snack foods like nuts, whole fruits and veggies. It is far too easy to stop at a filling station and grab some crisps and chocolates!

  • Slow down

Most of us will still be in work mode when the holidays start. Make a conscious effort to do whatever you are doing a bit slower, especially eating and chewing. If you eat slowly you are also less likely to eat too much!

  • Get probiotics in naturally

Instead of ice-cream, eat some delicious double-cream yoghurt. It is a known natural probiotic. Other natural probiotics include sourdough bread and fermented foods like tempeh, miso, kimchi and kombucha.

  • Eat more veggies

Fibre-rich vegetables will keep good bacteria thriving during the festive season. Try asparagus and cabbage – both contain prebiotics.

  • Stock up on remedies that help gut health

Taking Artichoke will help you digest your food while also reducing cholesterol. Centuary tincture not only helps with indigestion but also speeds up your metabolism! Sweden Bitters is another excellent remedy for indigestion, and because it also aids in detoxing the liver, it’s the ideal choice for people who like enjoying a few drinks to add to the seasonal cheer!


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