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Fantastic Foods that Naturally Fight High Blood Pressure

Fantastic Foods that Naturally Fight High Blood Pressure

While herbal extracts and quality tinctures undeniably aid your body in various ways, there are certain foods that you can incorporate into your diet to fight and naturally reduce high blood pressure. The foods listed here are fairly common, so protecting your health is really just a quick meal away!


Containing proteins, folic acid and other vitamins, peas help stave off high blood pressure for the cardiovascular support your system requires. Fresh organic peas are your best bet, as conventional peas tend to absorb unwanted chemicals.


Another effective vegetable with regards to trickling down the effects of high blood pressure is celery, as it helps your heart and veins function better. Celery also aids in maintaining a healthy blood pressure level by balancing blood sugar levels. This superfood also helps you lose weight, which is an extremely important part of avoiding high blood pressure.


The orange is generally the go-to fruit when discussing Vitamin C content, but the papaya actually contains a lot more per gram, so including this in your daily diet could take massive steps towards tackling high blood pressure. Papaya actually contains a mix of vitamins and minerals, including potassium and amino acids, which ultimately benefit the health of your heart too.

Baked Potato

Forget your low-carb diet for a second and consider the fact that a baked potato contains kukoamine, which helps lower your body’s blood pressure. There are also a number of other ways to cook them and still enjoy their benefits.


Many have praised the benefits that come with a bowl of oatmeal, while fewer praise the taste. If it doesn’t bother you, add oatmeal into your diet and watch just how effective it can be in reducing high blood pressure. Be sure to avoid the flavoured types of oatmeal, as they tend to contain unnecessary amounts of sugar and increase blood glucose levels.


A clinical study conducted in India showed that eating a guava before lunch or dinner can lower blood pressure levels as well as improve digestive systems, with the fruit proving to be rich in potassium and fibre. Guava is also something of a super food and can help with weight loss.


While many studies on yoghurt are partially funded by the companies that manufacture it, there are some considerable benefits to including it in your diet. Yoghurt boasts a healthy amount of calcium, potassium and magnesium, which means it can work well to keep a balanced blood pressure, as long as the fat content is kept to a minimum.


It comes as little surprise that tomatoes are considered a superfood. This is due to the fact that it not only lowers blood pressure levels but helps with everything from Vitamin levels to reducing aging skin.


The avocado is particularly special in the fact that it tackles high blood pressure from multiple angles, with this superfood rich in potassium, fibre and monounsaturated fat. This three-pronged approach essentially sets you up for a better chance of keeping things stabilised, not to mention the added benefit of it being delicious!

While there are a number of fantastic foods mentioned here, the list of items that naturally aid in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels is actually rather extensive. From fairly obvious superfoods like celery to lesser known treasures such as blueberries, these edibles are great for your health and your taste buds.

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