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6 Incredible Healing Benefits of Olive Leaf

6 Incredible Healing Benefits of Olive Leaf

The Healing Power of Olive Leaf Extract

We all know something about how healing olive oil can be. Just look at Mediterraneans with their excellent health, youthful looks, and glowing skins. But not that many people have heard about Olive Leaf Extract. Derived from the leaves of the plant that bears olives, olive leaf extract is believed to have major health benefits. It is believed that it’s so powerful that it can help prevent major diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. This is what you can do with it:

Prevent Heart Disease
As the leading killer in the USA, Europe, and Asia, heart disease is responsible for millions of deaths each year. Olive Leaf Extract decreases the formation of advanced glycation end products, which has been associated with cardiovascular disease.

Lower Blood Pressure
Over a billion people in the world have high blood pressure (hypertension), and it is one of the main risk factors for heart disease. According to studies, Olive Leaf Extract can assist in lowering blood pressure. Although no side effects have been noted, it is important that it is only used under the supervision of a professional health practitioner.

Keep Your Skin Healthy
The antioxidants contained within Olive Leaf Extract helps prevent cell damage to the skin. Studies have also shown that it can help protect the skin against premature ageing and can also help with healing wounds.

Improve Brain Function
With brain disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s and dementia on the rise, it is important to take care of brain health. You could also start drinking Sage Tea, which is good for improving memory, or start taking Ginseng, which may reduce brain levels of beta-amyloid, is used to fight Alzheimer’s and greatly aids concentration.

Manage Your Weight
Because it is effective in turning off the genes that create fat (thermogenesis), Olive Leaf Extract may help for weight-loss. You could use it with Green Tea, which is also an antioxidant and has many other health benefits.

Fight Cancer with the Healing Benefits of Olive Leaf
The health benefits of Olive Leaf Extract even include cancer prevention. In a study in which Olive Leaf Extract was consumed daily over a period of eight weeks, it was found that cancer genes were drastically reduced. With a higher concentration of polyphenols than extra virgin olive oil, Olive Leaf Extract has anti-inflammatory properties and protects against DNA damage from oxidation.

To make use of the health benefits of Olive Leaf Extract, purchase it in capsule or tablet form, or start using the tincture. Get yours here.

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