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5 Tips to Travel Sustainably

5 Tips to Travel Sustainably

Go Green – Even When You’re Flying

Travelling by plane can not only compromise our clean eating habits and exercise routines, it also puts a damper on our efforts to live sustainably. The problems start when you arrive at the airport where water, drinks and snacks are offered in plastic packaging. There are little to no recycling facilities available and the taps in many airport bathrooms are set to let out a set stream of water, even if you only need a little bit. Not to mention the carbon footprint of travelling on a plane. Luckily there are ways to indulge yourself and relax while still being a low-impact traveller. Here’s how:

1. Reduce plastic waste
Prepare for your trip by packing in a reusable water bottle. You could also pack a reusable utensil set to help you save unnecessary plastic waste when you are eating out at your holiday destination.

2. Support brands that are green
These days more and more companies are becoming conscious of their impact on the environment. You can travel sustainably by supporting these companies when shopping for last-minute packing essentials. There are many green options in South Africa, especially when it comes to skin care. With a firm policy on using glass instead of plastic where possible, get all your natural remedies from Phyto-Force.

3. Support hotels that prioritise sustainable travel
Before booking your accommodation, do some research about waste reduction and recycling policies. Give preference to hotels that are LEED-certified and those that use fresh, local ingredients in their meals. No matter where you end up staying, try to be more conscious by taking shorter showers, reusing towels and turning off lights when you are not in the room.

4. Plan activities with the environment in mind
Instead of doing something that uses up a lot of fuel, like taking a helicopter trip, visit a sustainable farm, rent a bicycle for the day (or days), do some hiking along nature trails or, if you are visiting a city, get a true feeling for it by exploring it by foot. Try to support local shops instead of chain stores. Eat in local restaurants that use local produce. In many countries, you can also try out some locally produced alcohol. And if you overindulge, have some Milkthistle Tea the next day.

5. Keep up with your green routines
As you travel, keep your reusable water bottle and cutlery on you. Do some research about local restaurants and try to support those that use locally sourced foods. If possible, put recyclable waste in the correct bins and try not to waste food. If the restaurant serves large portions, give your leftovers away or eat it as a midnight snack or for breakfast. While it is not always possible to travel sustainably, try your best and relax if you can’t get it 100%.

6. Use public transport where possible
To lower your carbon footprint go on a bus tour instead of doing a solitary road trip, or take the train. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about a place by exploring its public transportation system. If this makes you a bit apprehensive, take some Karma-Logic to calm your nerves.

7. Don’t buy wildlife products, ever
Don’t support the growing market for rare and endangered wildlife products and souvenirs, rather get a fridge magnet handmade by locals, or better yet – take your memories home in the form of photographs.

Bonus tip: To avoid craving all those things that come in plastic packaging, take care of your jet lag with Ginseng.

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