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Devil's Claw cream 50ml
Price: R69.89
Arthritis / Gout
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Price: R54.98
Milk Stimulation, Hair Loss
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Price: R53.08
Constipation, Diarrhoea
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Arthri-Logic 50ml Drops
Price: R86.08
Arthritis / Gout
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Price: R53.52
Bronchitis, Colds / Flu
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Price: R57.68
Bile (stimulant), Bronchitis
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Price: R66.04
Cough, Bronchitis
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Buchu Tea 60g
Price: R68.08
Water Retention, Detoxification
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Hair Growth 50ml Drops
Price: R86.08
Hair Loss
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AnginaAnxiety / StressAphrodisiacAppetite (loss)
Arthritis / GoutAsthmaBad Breath (halitosis)Bedwetting
Bile (excess)Bile (stimulant)Blood PoisoningBlood Pressure (low)
Blood Pressure (high)BoilsBrittle NailsBronchitis
Cirrhosis (liver)Colds / FluColicConstipation
Fibroids / CystsFrigidityGall StonesGangrene
HaemorrhoidsHair LossHeart (to Strengthen)Herpes
Hiatus HerniaHyperactivityHypoglycemiaImpotence
IncontinenceInsomniaJaundiceKidney Stones
Labour (ease)MemoryMenopauseMenstruation (delayed)
MigraineMilk StimulationMultiple Sclerosis (ms)Nightmares
Period PainsPeriods (irregular)Perspiration (excess)Pms
SciaticaScurvy (lack Of Vit. C)Shin SplintsSinus / Hayfever
Smoking (to Stop)Sperm Count (low)StrokeSwollen Ankles
Thyroid (over Active)Thyroid (under Active)TinnitusTonsillitis
Ulcers (mouth)Ulcers (stomach)Uterine InfectionVaginal Dryness
Varicose VeinsVertigoVitiligoWarts
Water RetentionWeight (to Lose)Worms / Parasites

Featured Products

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