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Sutherlandia Soap 100g

Sutherlandia Soap 100g

2 customer reviews
4.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings


Acne, Shingles, Herpes, Eczema, Psoriasis and Lesion.

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2 reviews for Sutherlandia Soap 100g

  1. Annamarie

    I have only been using this soap for a few days but I am already feeling a difference in my skin…keeping positive that this could be the end of my fungal woes

  2. Amanda Chaplin, Fishhoek, Cape.

    I can’t rate this product highly enough..I not only use this soap as a regular body soap but as shampoo as well as a; rubbing the bar onto the scalp, rinse and repeating.
    Crazy as it sounds, I could see and feel a significant difference on the very first use… psoriasis like whiteness above my ears and general scalp flaking was significantly reduced and itchiness completely gone. Now after 6 months use it continues to work.With a coconut allergy ,this has been the only product that has helped as just about every liquid shampoo contains processed coconut. Thank you and please, Phyto-Force, continue to make this product!

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