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Autumn – Cold & Flu Remedy

Autumn – Cold & Flu Remedy

Autumn Has Arrived and so Has the Flu

Much like the seasons, ailments are cyclical and Autumn, for many, brings with it the dangers of colds and flu, while allergies and asthma get kicked into high gear.

6 Causes of Illness

Ancient Chinese medicine considers cold, heat, wind, summer heat, dampness and dryness to be the 6 causes of what we know as the common cold or flu. It also says that a cold or flu is an external attack on a wind-heat or wind-cold pathogen, which is essentially something that produces diseases, such as bacteria or a virus.

Wind-heat is said to cause fevers and chills, sore throats, thirst and irritation in the eyes, while wind-cold is believed to cause symptoms such as headaches, fevers and chills, scratchy throats and body aches.


There are many that don’t agree with homoeopathy, but for those that are interested, it is always a good idea to visit a homoeopath if you’re looking to avoid the ailments that Autumn carries with it.

A homoeopath will select the most appropriate medicine and will do so directly based on the symptoms of the individual, as well as their personal level of health. Homoeopathy has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as the second biggest therapeutic system in use all over the world. Remedies such as Immuni-Logic contain herbs like Echinacea, Ginger, Cayenne and Elder Flower, which is used to assist the body to increase its natural ability to fight infection and disease, also to treat both bacterial and viral infections.


Treat Your Cold or Flu Accordingly

Remember that supporting your immune system is vital, so ensure your first line of defence, your lungs, are strong and healthy. Plenty of organic and green vegetable and room temperature water with a wedge of lemon can do you a world of good.

If the Autumn flu has already claimed you as one of its victims, have a look at our wide range of products that help fight the flu here, as well as our remedies for colds here.