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10 Tips to relieve cramps & PMS

10 Tips to relieve cramps & PMS

We’ve all heard the rather painful joke that menstruation is nature’s curse on women. But there is actually a lot you can do to soothe menstrual aches, including getting a helping hand from mother nature. Here are our top tips for easing period pain:

Exercise- even a gentle walk is enough.

Put a heating pad on your belly or lower back it’s amazing for cramps.

Take a hot bath- bubbles anyone?

Chasteberry This herb balances your see-sawing hormones, tames those wild mood swings, suppresses tension, and holds off the flood of tears.

 Crampbark Bark without bite, the perfect fix for cramps.

 Black Cohosh Aspirin with a better name, this herb is anti-inflammatory, relaxes your nerves, and gives you the calm you need to get a good night’s rest.

Rest- Speaking of, if you can get to sleep…there is everything right with this old-fashioned medicine. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

Eat Healthy- it’s true, the carbs in fruit and veggies actually hit the same spots you have for naughtier cravings…

Menstrual headaches and migraines? You can take Feverfew or Scullcap with Chasteberry. Just because it’s that time of the month doesn’t mean you can’t work with power and concentration.

Breathe do yoga, meditate, appreciate your life. Your body will thank you.

It’s good to be a goddess, get back on your throne.

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