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Ten Tips to Boost a Weak Immune System

Ten Tips to Boost a Weak Immune System

For those that are looking to steer clear of the exorbitant prices put on supplements and immune boosters, or those simply in search of the best options with regards to natural immune boosting, look no further.

We’re listing 10 significant tips that help boost a weak immune system and keep your body clean and healthy, without necessarily having to break the bank. In fact, when followed vigilantly, these tips are sure to help you both avoid and quickly recover from any unwanted illnesses during flu season.

Practices and Remedies to Boost Your Immune System

1. Exercise: Reduced exercise, which is exceptionally common come winter time, essentially furthers the amount of fatigue we feel. By simply moving more you can detox your organs, keep your lymph moving and ultimately naturally boost the immune system.

2. Astragalus: A herbal tincture, Astragalus is an immune boosting tincture that is especially good with diabetes and anaemia, while also acting as a heart tonic. Click here to purchase one today.

3. Get Outside: Time spent indoors is time taken away from fresh air and natural Vitamin D that is produced as a result of your skin’s exposure to sunlight. Moreover, building quite clearly have less ventilation and allow viruses to easily jump from one host to another.

4. Echinacea: The Phyto-Force Herbal Tinctures offer a wide range of immune boosters, with Echinacea offering assistance with immunomodulation acne, sinus & flu, cystitis, boils and even poison.

5. Beauty Sleep: One of the best ways to reduce stress levels and essentially boost a weak immune system is sleep. Be sure to optimise your sleep by committing to a minimum of 8 hours every night.

6. Parsley Root: Parsley root is a natural blood purifier that aids with coughs, cancer and a weak immune system. Purchase a Parsley Root tincture today to boost your immune system to better health.

7. Alcohol: While it may be a fairly obvious tip, be mindful of the amount of alcohol that you consume. Alcohol can dehydrate your body fairly severely and depresses a weak immune system.

8. Cats Claw: If you’re looking for an immune booster that also helps with inflammation then we’d suggest purchasing a Cats Claw tincture from Phyto-Force. This remedy is also great for treating cancer.

9. Personal Hygiene: Pay close attention to hygiene, making sure you regularly wash your hands with hot water before making food and after using a computer.

10. Myrrh: Keeping your mouth clean is as important as keeping your hands clean, with weak immune systems often giving rise to gingivitis, mouth ulcers and even laryngitis. Click here to purchase a Myrrh Tincture and keep your immune system strong.

For other immune system tricks and remedies to help get you to better health, click here.

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