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Banish Lumps and Bumps Naturally

Banish Lumps and Bumps Naturally

Natural Ways to Prevent and Reduce Cellulite

Most women (and some men!)  have cellulite on their bodies. Although it’s absolutely normal and not medically harmful to us, some of us would love to get rid of it – or at least reduce it. Here are some natural ways to battle those bulges:

  1. Stop taking in toxins

Besides hormonal shifts, processed food, especially wheat and dairy, cooked fats and sugar are the main culprits in causing cellulite. This means that your first step is to stop taking in what is causing the problem in the first place. Eat lean and clean.

  1. Flush it out

Put down the fizzy drinks, coffee and alcohol. Instead drink some water, which will help you flush out the toxins. You can always make the water more interesting by infusing it with slices of lemon, strawberries, cucumber, lime – or even herbs like basil leaves or sprigs of rosemary.

  1. Brush your body

Use a body brush with natural fibres to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage – which will reduce cellulite naturally. It also feels really good and gets rid of old dry skin.

  1. Pump up your lymphatic system!

Your blood is circulated with a little help from the heart, but your lymphatic system doesn’t have an organ to help it out. This means you have to do it yourself by moving. Run, jump, dance or rebound to get it going. Use Lymph-Logic with your movements to encourage proper lymph drainage.

  1. Alkalize

Choose fresh fruit and vegetables that will alkalize your body. A body that is alkaline and not acidic is lean and energised, it is not puffy, it has a radiant glow and is less prone to cellulite.

  1. Use Natural Remedies to Help the Process

There are a range of natural remedies that target cellulite. Fennel not only helps reduce and prevent cellulite, it also suppresses the appetite and Birch also helps with PMS and acts as a diuretic.            

Most of all, embrace the body you were given and focus on being healthy, happy and kind. You shine from the inside out!


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