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7 Ways to Treat Anxiety Naturally

7 Ways to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Imagine being able to treat anxiety naturally – it could change your life!

It’s no secret that anxiety and heightened levels of stress are on the rise. Living with anxiety is like permanently riding on a rollercoaster that you don’t even realise you’re on. Your stomach drops for no apparent reason, sometimes you sigh and sometimes your head starts spinning – and that is just part of it. Unfortunately, anxiety is a stress response and cannot be cured or eliminated. However, here are some ways in which to treat anxiety naturally:


Research has shown that mindful meditation can reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Aim at getting into a state of calm for at least five minutes a day. If you are finding it impossible to achieve a state of calm, try using a remedy like Karma-Logic.

Cut Out Sugar

Sugar is in everything! And humans were not meant to eat the large quantities of sugar they do these days. Because it is an inflammatory, sugar can lead to blood sugar and hormone imbalances that drive anxiety. Cut it out! Or at least reduce your intake.


Good news… even though sugar is a no-no, snacking is a yes! If your anxiety peaks when you skip a meal or go too long without eating, you could be experiencing hypoglycemia. Snack on something protein dense like roasted pumpkin seeds or chickpeas, hummus, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, or a delicious protein shake.

Treat Anxiety Naturally with Lemon Balm

This plant remedy not only smells heavenly but is also a nervine, so it has a positive effect on the nervous system and can calm anxious thoughts. You can get lemon balm tincture here.

Get Your Yoga On

As little an hour of yoga a week can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, not to mention tone your body!

Try Valerian Root

If you suffer from anxiety, chances are it sometimes keeps you from a good night’s rest. Valerian root not only helps calm nerves, it can also help treat insomnia and sleep deprivation.

Have a Cup of Tea

To treat anxiety naturally, make sure you make some time for yourself. You could try something as simple as relaxing with a book and a cup of tea. Or, if you are experiencing a particularly anxious day, elevate your mood with some sceletium tea.

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