Sleep Well, Live Well

Sleep Well, Live Well

Sleep is important, and often the best part of any day – You spend your day stressing over just about everything; work, money and family. But when you’re ready to power down for the night, your brain wants to keep going.

More than 30% of us suffer from insomnia on a regular basis, while 10% suffer with chronic insomnia. The inability to sleep disrupts our bodies natural cycle and causes all sorts of ailments. However, save for medication that breaks the bank and harms us in a multitude of ways, there are a few ways to remedy insomnia

Tossing and Turning

The biggest problem may just be staring you in the face. Literally. Your mattress and pillows might be the reason you can’t fall asleep. Check your pillows and mattress for wear and tear, and try to replace them twice a year for better sleep.

Say No to that Cuppa Joe

Pass on that midday cup of coffee. If you’re experiencing a dip in energy in the afternoon, there are other ways to perk up without caffeine, such as having fresh fruit as a snack, or use our Energi-Logic Herbal Blend. This, and avoiding heavy carbs after 3pm, helps your body sleep easy as it doesn’t need to spend so much energy on digestion.

Pump the Brakes

Coming home from work is a huge relief, but we often jump onto the sofa or spend hours on social media. It’s been proven that the blue light emitted from our screens keeps us awake. Set your phone aside and turn the TV off. Make yourself a lovely cup of chamomile tea with valerian root, Korean ginseng or Sleep-Logic instead, and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

The Early Bird

What they say is true: the early bird catches the worm. Try exercising in the morning to wake your body up and keep a stable level of energy throughout the day. Your body will become accustomed to this cycle of energy and sleep will be much easier!

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